Five Towers

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This concept is a mixed commercial and residential development, the towers are residential and the circular part is commercial. The original shape is complex and was hard to convey the idea into a 3d model, the shape is curvy with strong edges at the top part of the towers which ends in a prism. The […]

Malibu House

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In this project I worked mostly on renderings and visualization. From a Rhino 3d model i rendered these views with V-Ray, then continued to work on it in Photoshop. the effect desired was the image to be a little photorealistic, with some glowy light from the sunset, to give a dream like lightning to the […]

Racing Center

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A Racing Center is a place where people can experience the feeling of F1, not only by driving the simulators, but also by looking at the virtual races and cheering for the drivers. This double need was the main focus for deciding on how to organize the spaces, the lightning the sound. Requisites from the […]


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This personal project was developed after a 2 weeks grasshopper workshop i took at UCLA. As my onw experimentation with the new tool I started using grasshopper to generate automatic variations of the same typology of ring. On the next page are some of the variation that were automatically created. Everything is realized with Rhino, […]