Malibu House

In this project I worked mostly on renderings and visualization.
From a Rhino 3d model i rendered these views with V-Ray, then continued to work on it in Photoshop. the effect desired was the image to be a little photorealistic, with some glowy light from the sunset, to give a dream like lightning to the scene.

The concept is simple: create a building that houses four separate wings, each with their own self sufficient essentials (and more in most cases). The wings must be sold at the same time wether one buyer or four. The house is there to create a community. If one buyer purchases the house, the buyer must rent out a portion of the other wings to local artists or through sites such as AirBnB. We want to create a community and therefore need to design not just the house but the way the house is bought, lived in, and taken care of.